Exit 33 starts off with a group of young things heading out into the sticks to go to some kind of reunion. On the way there they find themselves stopping at Ike's Last Chance Gas, i guess because it's their last chance to get gas? Anywho turns out the guy who runs the station is a little bit on the crazy side and likes to take young girls into his shack to have his way with err... They're body parts. Sounds pornographic but it's not, trust me. What we get to see over the course of the movie is one man's wild psychopathic endeavours into madness but just what is it that's driving him?

Well i suppose i should mention that Exit 33 feels very much like an indie movie. At times the visual effects look very naff, for example when two of the young things are driving to their reunion it's clear that the car isn't actually driving, the view out of the windows look 'CGI-d' and the camera shake (to generate an artificial sense of motion) is very unnatural. On a more positive note however the gore and blood is well done and the movie's not shy about getting down and dirty either. Plenty of eye gouging, slicing, skinning, etc. It's really quite impressive for such a low budget feature to have quality gore like this.

The acting quality is very patchy; Kane Hodder has the starring role (for those who don't know, he was Jason in a slew of the Friday the 13th movies) and arguably has the best performance of anyone in the cast. The deep malevolence and inner anguish of his character is fleshed out convincingly enough and he brings a strong physical presence to the movie also. The rest of the cast aren't really worth mentioning to be honest, the characters they perform are pretty bland and uninteresting... Fodder for the death scenes really.

Exit 33 starts off with a bang but slowly fades to a whimper until about roughly a third through the movie, then things start to pick up and thankfully it doesn't relent much until the end. We're shown flashbacks as to what's happened to make the killer become the way he is and there's also an interesting thing going on with the ghost images: are they real or are they part of his twisted mind?

To summarize, Exit 33 isn't a bad movie it's just not that great. Some decent gore effects (for an indie movie) and a solid performance by Kane Hodder are really the only things that hold this up. You can decide for yourself if you think it's something worth jumping on.



Movie DetailsDirector: Tommy Brunswick
Writers: Mark Myers, Norman Koza
Actors: Antoinette Nikprelaj, Paul Elia, April Canning, Virginia Bryant
Release Year: 2011
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