Night of the Comet places two young sisters Regina and Samantha in an apocalyptic scenario when a travelling comet wipes out most of the human race. Initially struggling to come to terms with their situation, the two will find themselves having to fend off attacks from zombie mutant types who've been transformed by the comet. It's not only the zombies they'll need to worry about however...

First thing to mention is that Night of the Comet isn't a true zombie movie, though it does borrow heavy from that genre. It's an odd movie much in the vein of flicks like The Quiet Earth and The Omega Man, except somewhat less serious. It's a campy 80's cheeze-fest filled with big hair, crazy clothes and weird synth music. Anybody who's seen any 80's horror will no doubt understand what i mean.

The two main sisters, performed by Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney are the usual happy go lucky teenage girls who spend more time thinking about guys than anything else. Of course with the comet wiping out most of humanity that puts a dampener on things to say the least. I thought the two actresses were decent in their respective parts even if they're not exactly Oscar material but lets face it, a movie like Night of the Comet ain't ever gonna get close to being mentioned in the Oscars regardless of how good it may be.

The special effects looks decidedly 80's, that's to say there's no CGI. In fact there really isn't many special effects at all, most of what's going on is alluded too by the use of bright colours and tinted hues. It works even if it isn't that mind blowing.

Night of the Comet isn't really a scary movie either though the zombie mutant makeup is pretty good. It's a shame there wasn't more of them in the movie in my opinion, it could have made the movie a lot more tense but that's the way it is. Don't even think about gore, there's none plain and simple.

I'm not sure if i'd say Night of the Comet is a classic movie though it does have that quaint charm that you see a lot in 80's flicks. It's perhaps worth a watch, maybe even a purchase if you can find it on the cheap but it's not a movie you want to go out of your way for.



Movie DetailsDirector: Thom Eberhardt
Writer: Thom Eberhardt
Actors: Robert Beltran, Mary Woronov, Geoffrey Lewis, Michael Bowen
Release Year: 1984
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