A mysterious craft is shot down somewhere in the old USSR decades ago, seemingly nothing comes of it, the whole thing is covered up. Cut to modern day and an American city is blown clean off the map when what appears to be a nuclear bomb is detonated. However, with the absence of any radioactive fallout it's obvious something extra-ordinary is going on. With time running out it's up to American military forces to work out who the terrorists behind the explosion are and stop them before it's too late.

What we've got here is a political action sci-fi which perhaps fortunately, doesn't take itself too seriously. It's clearly b-movie standard but regardless it's gripping and the storyline is pretty decent. Adrian Paul stars as the American Commander that not only has to concern himself with enemies abroad but also enemies from within. His performance (as usual) is decent and juxtaposed with William Hope's (Gorman from Aliens) devious, undermining character works really well. There's some real hot women in this flick too, sadly there's no full frontal but we still get some fan service.

Being a sci-fi action flick Cold Fusion isn't scary, there's no little green men, no monsters to speak of whatsoever, it's grounded very much in the action genre that way. The action itself is pretty simple stuff also. No colossal 30 minute kung-fu matches or uber super men anywhere. There are some big explosions which look a bit on the CGI side for my liking. Hey it's a b-movie, it was a given the CGI wasn't going to be top class but it is functional even if it's not going to blow your mind.

Pacing wise Cold Fusion moves along pretty well, the storyline is complex but not difficult to follow nor does it ever get boring.

Where does that leave things when it comes to recommendations? Well i'd certainly recommend this one for a rental if it sounds like your cup of tea though i'm cagey about recommending it as a blind buy. It sure isn't the worst action sci-fi i've ever seen but then it's far from the best as well. If you can catch this one on Syfy then that's probably the best way to go though i'm not sure when it'll be screening again. Regardless though, see it if you can.



Movie DetailsDirector: Ivan Mitov
Writer: Nathan Atkins
Actors: Michelle Lee, Sarah Brown, Shelly Varod, Mike Straub
Release Year: 2010
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