After an apocalyptic event leaves their city uninhabitable, Scott Weaver (John Fantasia) decides to take his family on a journey into the countryside, where hopefully things will be safer. Whilst out there they run into trouble involving hostile survivors looking for goods. Deciding to flee, they take to the forest and keep trekking on foot to their destination of Dover's Bend. The forest holds it's own nightmares however and it's going to be painful journey for the family as they march on to their goal.

Here we have another post-apocalyptic movie shown through the lens of a somewhat dysfunctional but ultimately rather normal family. It's not a big budget deal, don't expect any fancy special effects or gore. However, the movie does sport a decent pace and it can be genuinely thrilling at times.

The general acting standard in this movie is OK, nothing special, just plain OK. Without a doubt the best performance comes from John Fantasia playing The father Scott Weaver. His performance is very emotional at times and he does carry through a lot of the psychological torture well. Most of the other actors are OK but like i said before don't expect anything special.

The flicks story is kind of intriguing. You don't really know what's going on at the start and indeed i thought we were looking at another zombie style apocalyptic scenario in The Collapsed but it's not. It's something else, though that something else is never fully explained until the end. This also ties into a big twist in the story at the end. I never saw it coming and quite frankly i'm still not sure what to make of it (good or bad?) but we don't watch movie's just to watch the end, now do we? A lot of the movie is spent with the character's having a 'getting to know you - getting to know you' experience. It can be a bit on the boring side, though thankfully it never outstays it's welcome for too long.

Ultimately The Collapsed is not a movie for everyone. Gorehounds - you want to avoid this. Really i could only recommend this one to fans of post apocalyptic movies or folks looking for something a bit 'different'. Everybody else avoid.



Movie DetailsDirector: Justin McConnell
Kevin Hutchinson, Justin McConnell
Steve Vieira, Anna Ross, Lise Moule, Vincent Thomas
Release Year:
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