I really wanted to like this. The Horrorfest movies, considered as a whole, have been a lot better this year than the previous offerings. And, it's a big monster gets disturbed and rampages type affair, I'm a sucker for such B-Movie type plotting. But, try as I might, I can find little good to say about it.

Both characters and dialog feel awkward, they don't flow. It detracts from any chance I had of getting into the movie when scenes are full of awkward pauses and clumsy topic changes. I don't think that it's the casts fault to be honest, more that the scripting lets it down.

By the time that proceedings were drawing to a close, I was sick to death of all the dark scenes and green lighting. I know it's meant to be atmosphere building, and it does fit in with the plotting, but it is used to excess. Instead of enhancing the atmosphere, it becomes annoying to get yet another half glimpsed sight of green tinged monster, or watch yet another green light jiggle around like a firefly on amphetamines.

Definitely the weakest of the '8 films to die for' from 2007 that I've seen, this is more a film to develop a migraine from than one to die for. There's just too much green lighting, darkness, and disjointed feeling dialog.

Best left under the earth where it belongs.



Movie DetailsDirector: Matthew Leutwyler
Matthew Leutwyler
Emmanuelle Vaugier, Luke Goss, Russell Means, Charlie Murphy
Release Year:
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