The small island of White Sands finds itself contending with a mystery killer that seems to strike randomly and without purpose. The local sheriff and his deputy are at a loss to explain it. The Mayor and his son Jimmy (Corin Nemec) have schemed up a plan to revitalise the island with a concert, though with an increasing death count to deal with that may prove problematic. Things get worse once they realise their enemy is a horde of angry, hungry sand sharks, sharks that can 'swim' through sand. It's up to the sheriff and co to find a way to stop the blighted sharks before the islands population disappears altogether.

WTF, Sand Sharks? Really? I'm having a hard time accepting the premise of this movie to be frank... Sharks moving through sand. It just doesn't seem plausible or frankly believable on any level, sharks need their water. Perhaps that's me being 'picky', heck maybe it doesn't really matter. If that was Sand Sharks only problem then maybe things wouldn't be so bad but sadly it's far from it's worse problem.

This movie looks and feels a whole lot like a low budget Roger Corman flick, in fact if i didn't know better i'd say it was a Roger Corman flick, it has a lot of the trademarks. Mutant monsters, bikini babes and crap special effects mixed with dodgy acting, mixed with a general low budget feel. Some of Corman's movies had redeeming features, sadly this has very very few.

The good news: this flick has some good looking women to look at... And that's about it really.

The special effects are awful CGI guff that look like they were made on the budget of a school kids lunch money. The characters of the movie are really quite annoying extra specially Corin Nemec's character who just seems like a total idiot. Now Corin is a decent actor and in truth he puts in a better performance that most of the cast here (that ain't saying much) but his character is just... Annoying.

The movie isn't very scary, it's predictable and well boring at times. The gore is OK, nothing special but just plain OK.

The only people who're gonna get kicks out of this flick are Corman lovers everybody else should just plain avoid! Oh and the plot structure resembles Jaws a wee bit too much for my liking.



Movie DetailsDirector: Mark Atkins
Writers: Joe Benkis, Cameron Larson
Actors: Brooke Hogan, Gina Holden, Eric Scott Woods, Edgar Allan Poe IV
Release Year: 2010
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