In this first sequel to The Return of the Living Dead, a group of no good kids discover a drum containing a rotten zombie corpse suspended using the 2-4-5 Trioxen gas. The dumb kids open the canister only to release the gas into the air, causing the local dead to once again rise from the grave and seek out brains.

Here we go again, round 2 in the ROTLD series and again what a hoot. For anyone that enjoyed the first one, you are almost guaranteed to enjoy this outing just as much.

This movie, like the original, is a tongue-in-cheek adventure with James Karen and Thom Mathews making a return (they worked in the warehouse in number 1), except this time as grave robbers. These poor guys find themselves trying to escape town with a few other survivors but in the end this proves much more difficult than they may otherwise have imagined.

ROTLD Part 2 is not that scary truth be told but there's some gooey-icky gore to be found here and there.

That same sense of humour is here again and indeed the pacing and general characterisations are the same. This in my opinion is no bad thing as it was these aspects that made the original so much fun. The special effects are superb considering this is a 20 year old movie, plus the general standard of acting is fine, writer and director Ken Wiederhorn should be applauded for bringing together a sequel which more than does justice to the original (though as i understand it this movie was never originally intended to be a sequel but a standalone film all in it's own right). Horror fans are gonna love it.



Movie DetailsDirector: Ken Wiederhorn
Writer: Ken Wiederhorn
Actors: Suzanne Snyder, Dana Ashbrook, Marsha Dietlin, Suzan Stadner
Release Year: 1988
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