Gung ho Vietnam hero John Saxon is bitten whilst rescuing some fellow soldiers who seem to have acquired cannibalistic tendencies during their stint in a Vietcong hellhole. Cut to the future and back in the good old U S of A. Saxon isn't feeling right, he's acting a tad weird. Phonecall from his buddies from 'Nam but he resists going...for now. Soon the urge is too much for he's on a killing spree with them, chowing down on human flesh, victim to some virus that spreads by the bite of the infected. Sounds almost like a zombie movie.

Deliciously over red scenes of blood, tongues getting bitten out, and that gloriously mismatched music so in vogue in the cannibal movies of the 70s and early 80s ensue as the 'Nam Vets and a newly infected doctor are chased through the streets and the sewers by angry mobs who manage to find our cannibals to try and extract a bit of revenge even though the 'pigs' are having a harder time locating 'em, and eventually trigger happy cops wielding everything from shotguns to flamethrowers turn up to get in on the action. Those goddamn city streets just ain't safe for a decent cannibal no more man!

Ya can't complain at how it looks for the most part, there's some bits of gore that look nice on screen and only the odd attack of rubbery looking latexitis, the 'story' such as there is rolls along with just enough pace to stop ya getting bored or having time to wonder why newly infected victims change within hours whereas good old John Saxon and his buddies seem to have kept it under control for months. They must have trained those soldiers well, the ordinary dude in civvy street just can't handle the flesh eating bug.

If you like a dose of cannibalism on the city streets, some fun as chunks get bitten out of poor unfortunates, and aren't too fussy about great plots then this dose of 1980 cannibal fare could be right up your alley. It's not too gorey even viewed uncut, but it does the job and is an enjoyable watch. Worth a shot, watch uncut to get the best of the gore.



Movie DetailsDirector : Antonio Margheriti
Writer :
Antonio Margheriti, Dardano Sacchetti
Actors :
John Saxon, Elizabeth Turner, Cinzia de Carolis
AKA : Invasion of the Fleshhunters, Apocalypse domani
Release Year :1980
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